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ICDX Group

Nationally Determined Contributions and the voluntary carbon market

Why countries' climate plans and the voluntary carbon markets do not compete but rather complement each other.

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International Emissions Trading Association

How governments can implement NDCs cooperatively and encourage private sector investment

Ingredients for success that governments need to consider and address to mobilize private sector resources and investmen toward the Article 6 mechanisms.

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International Carbon Action Partnership

Emissions trading worldwide: status report 2022

Lays out the latest developments and salient emissions-trading trends, and compares ETS facts and figures on each operational and planned program.

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Sustainable agriculture: the new green revolution

How carbon-smart farming is one of the five pillars of a sustainable agricultural system

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How PT Pertamina as an integrated energy company can support the carbon market

Pertamina is developing carbon sequestration and avoidance projcts by leveraging Indonesia's comparative advantages.

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ACT Commodities

Southeast Asia carbon markets will find an equilibrium

Stability in more mature carbon markets such as in the European Union took over a decade to cultivate. Budding Southeast Asian carbon markets should leverage the lessons learned from these countries in order to make a system that works for the region's unique attributes.

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Yamaha Motor

Yamaha Motor's initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality

Yamaha Motor sees carbon offsetting as part of its wide carbon neutrality goals. To support this and emissions reduction targets the company has set up a Sustainability Fund to invest in carbon offset projects among other things.

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Bank of Montreal

The voluntary carbon market: international market of mystery

Analysis of the key attributes of the voluntary carbon markets and risk factors, and why these markets need to deliver high-integrity products to realize growth.

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Price differentiation in carbon offsets - not all created equal

Interview with Head of Commodities and Carbon Trading, Nigel Brunel: "Voluntary carbon markets will become one of the biggest commodity markets in the world."

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EKI Energy Services

Steering the planet to net-zero

EKI Energy Services' Green Cooking initiative to empower economically weaker households with improved cookstoves free of cost for users.

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International Carbon Action Partnership

Emissions trading in practice: a handbook on design and implementation

Draws on experiences of jurisdictions with an emissions-trading scheme to assist policy makers to design, implement and operate an effective and credible carbon market.

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International Emissions Trading Association

GHG market sentiment survey 2022

How carbon markets around the world are set to continue growing rapidly as countries double down on climate ambition and corporates pursue net-zero goals

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In Mongolia, a quest to democratize carbon credits

When working as envisioned, carbon credits introduce a powerful tool to incentivize and fund emissions reductions across the economy.

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